Welcome to Kiki Vodka's new online ordering site

Ordering and Delivery Information

  • Kiki Vodka's delivery service is free on $50 minimum orders.  After placing your order our staff will schedule delivery and you will receive confirmation.
  • Delivery schedules are based upon location.  We cannot guarantee same-day or next-day delivery but we do our best.
  • You will receive confirmation of your order and a secondary confirmation when your order is set for delivery.  The day of delivery you will receive an update on estimated delivery schedule.
  • As a limited distillery in Pennsylvania, Kiki Vodka is permitted to legally sell and delivery direct-to-consumer (in Pennsylvania only).
  • Any questions can be directed via email to sales@kikivodka.com.
  • Our drivers are all gloved and take care to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Cash tips are allowed--our drivers depend on them!